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About us

Petrosteel is a leading provider of oilfield materials and services. We cover a wide range of materials, from carbon steel line pipe for the transmission of oil and gas, trough to high alloy tubing for the drilling of high specification wells. We source our products from all over the world, procuring only from API approved manufacturers. We have the option of supplying directly from our mills, or for occasions where quantities are smaller or delivery requirements are urgent, we can supply from one of our various stocking locations. Coordination with third party inspection companies, liaison with international freight forwarders in house technical specialists and post sales service ensure that our customers always receive the standard of service people.


Drilling Services

Petrosteel made a strategic decision to become a player in the field of oilfield services. Through our sister company Petroservices we are active in a wide range of drilling services, including mudlogging and geological services, drilling fluids, gas detection systems, and M.W.D (Measuring while Drilling).  


Supply chain management

We offer fully integrated S.C.M for o.c.t.g. We work closely with our client, analyzing their drilling schedule. Pipe is stored in one of our stocking locations and dispatched according to our clients requirements. The pipe is maintained and inspected on a regular basis, and where necessary, repair work is done. 

Financial Services

 We have facilities in place to carter to all export finance transaction, in addition to the issuing of bid and performs bands, foreign  currency dealing, project finance etc.


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